Mors Aranea Academy.

Inventing is a delicate craft, my dear boy.

”Ah it seems the microphone is broken, MISS VALERIE! Where are you! ”

Poor Miss Valerie, the janitor came onto the stage. Her expression said I don get paid enough for this shit she took the microphone and lowered the volume with a deadpan. She handed the microphone to the principal and walked off.

”Alright let us continue ” said Principal Armand.

He told the rules and said the curfew began after 8pm. He then gave awards to the students who won competitions last year. As the assembly ended the first years foolishly started to clap when they heard the arrogant principal yell…

”I clap first! Then you follow my example! Alright younglings? ” He said the last words with fake sweetness.

The first years seemed to be stunned whilst the other year groups were completely over it. It happened every year. Honestly shouldn the principal just relay it at the start so it wouldn keep happening? No, as arrogant as he was, he also had no brains whatsoever. The principal only ever showed up to give speeches during the middle of the year at various breaks. He never came at the start of the year, nor the end of the year.

After the assembly ended students went back to their dorms. Cassian stood up and began to walk out when he was pulled back by a hand grabbing his collar. Ah, they wanted to get to it right away huh?

The group of bullies dragged Cassian to a field near the acadamy. They first taunted him and when he didn seem to be bothered they proceeded to curse at him before beating him up. He sighed as his head started to bleed. Ah hed probably get a concussion and only be able to go back to his dorm in the morning. Well, there were no classes so no loss huh? It was still slightly disappointing because he wanted a good nights sleep today.

He reacted to being beat up like it was a natural occurrence. Thats because it was. The bullying had started back in first year when everyone discovered the Cato descendant to be powerless. At first he was shocked, angry even. He couldn understand why they would do that. After a few months though, he had gotten used to it, reacting only a few times. The bullies weren fed up though. Now they just treated him as a toy, to put out all of their frustrations, a way to let out their anger on something. They chose that something to be him unfortunately.


Soft chirps could be heard as animals began to awaken. Dew drops fell from the leaves of trees that had been bathed with the rain last night. The grass shone as the sun rays fell upon it. Amongst the grassy field lay a boy soaked in the rain. Bugs had started to crawl on his body, making a home for themselves. They confused him for a statue. Slight blood droplets stained the pure white shirt. His head had stopped bleeding at one point but he had been unconscious for a whole night.

His eyes slowly fluttered open and he became aware of his surroundings. He slowly got up and experienced a sharp pain in his head. He winced as he rubbed his head. He looked at the watch on his hand to check the time. It read 10:30pm.

He had missed his first class of the day. It don really matter since the teachers didn pay any mind to him in class. They would ignore his presence, only calling his name on the role. Unfortunately for him, the first class for the day was Plant Biology. In that class the teacher kept a close eye on him, thinking he was a troublemaker just because he forgot his textbook on the first day last year. She would probably give him ten disciplinary points for missing ONE class and then he would have to go to detention.

He got up and walked back to his dorm. He went straight to the shower, taking off his clothes and getting enveloped in the warm waters of the shower. He sighed in relief as his sore muscles started to relax.

He got out of the shower, wrapping his lower body in a towel and ruffling his hair dry. He jumped on to his bed and sighed, looking at the ceiling in boredom.

As he stared at the flickering light bulb on the ceiling he felt bubbling anger rising within him.

He clenched his fists with his nails so hard that they started to bleed. The bloods seeped through his bed sheets. He felt immense anger and frustration. Then he felt sadness. He wanted to cry. Why was he born a freak? Why couldn he have been born as a normal mage with powers? Even the most average of powers would suffice. At least then, he wouldn be seen as different from everyone else. Then he wouldn be bullied.

He didn deserve this. Its not his fault he was born this way…or maybe it was. Maybe in his past life he committed so many sins that he was born powerless in this life. Maybe he was truly the evil incarnate. Maybe he killed so many people that someone took action to make sure it was to never happen again.

He groaned, his head hurt from thinking too much. He grabbed the back of his neck feeling his mark itching again. It was like that sometimes. It would start to itch and burn whenever he felt intense emotions, like it was connected to him and his emotions…perhaps it was? He wouldn know.

He got up from the bed and quickly changed into his uniform. The uniform represented the schools colours; Red and Black. It consisted of a white shirt, black trousers a black blazer with red rims and a red tie to match.

He then wrapped his bleeding hand with some gauze to stop it from bleeding.

He grabbed his satchel with his history book inside and left the dorm.

He was excited for his next class as it was his favourite. Inventions class. It was his favourite for two main reasons; He liked to invent and his professor was the best, and the only one who payed attention to him.

He ran to his class, ready for the work.

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