Mors Aranea Academy.

Are you allowed to kill a principal?

A week had passed since that dramatic scene during dinner. It was finally time to go back to the academy.

Cassians maid had packed everything for him, and he had double checked to make sure everything was there. He did so because last year he had forgotten his plant biology textbook and it left a bad impression on the teacher, who treated him unfairly after that, even when he brought his textbook in the week after.

He was just about to leave his room when he saw his brother standing in front of the door. His oldest brother Thomas was always nice to him while his brother Michael was not.

Thankfully it was Thomas at the door. They both stared at each other in silence before Cassian let Thomas come in to his room.

Thomas stood there awkwardly and then he finally said ”I want to apologise Cassian. I tried to stop father from being too harsh but you know how he is… ”

Cassian looked at his brother before smiling softly. ”Its alright big brother, I know father doesn truly mean it. Even though what he says is completely true…I really shouldn have received the mark of Cato if I was going to be born a mundane. ”

Thomas looked at his little brother pitifully and gave him a short hug and a pat on the head.

Cassian didn like the look his brother was giving him so he changed the subject. ”Brother Thomas could you perhaps help me carry my suitcases to the car? ”

Thomas nodded and they both walked outside to where the car was parked, putting the suitcases safely into the back of the black car.

Cassian gave his last goodbyes to his mother and Thomas as they were the only ones who came to greet him farewell. He sat down on the leather seat of the car, ready for the long ride back to the academy.


Mors Aranea Academy was a very beautiful building with over fifty facilities for different subjects and magical arts. It was built using magical stones as the foundation resulting in the building to rise twenty feet above the ground. The only way to be able to get in to the doors was by saying a spell only known to mages who attended.

The phrase was…

”Fac me surgere ” said Cassian softly. Feeling the magic flutter against his skin made him shiver. He was lifted above the ground and landed at the large gates of the academy. This was the only time he ever felt magic within him, unfortunately it wasn his own. This spell was created and used only by the academy. Yes, the academy could use magic as well, like it was alive. It only made sense for the academy to be alive, as it was built with magic in every brick, wood and material used to build the building.

He asked the doors to open and after a few seconds they creaked open. His driver had already transported his suitcases to his dorm with a simple transportation spell. He walked in nonchalantly, yawning with utter boredom. He didn want to attend the assembly but it was mandatory and he didn want to get a disciplinary point on his first day of second year. He sighed as he gazed at the intricate paintings on the walls depicting the history of the war and a small mural showing the Ten Mages of Old The marble pillars shined when the sunlight from the glass ceiling shone on them making them seem like rare crystals in a dark cave.

Cassian smacked his lips and blew the hair in front of his eyes, he opened the doors leading into the assembly hall and walked in. A few straggling students were seated on various seats waiting for the assembly to start. It seems he arrived too early…if he could just turn back time to go back to bed for a few hours more, but that was impossible, at least for him.

He sat in a seat near the end of the hall, just beside the doors. He grabbed the history book out of his satchel to read it for the hundredth time.

Just as he was about to reach the page with the seventh mage of old the doors burst open and tons of students started to come and take their seats, very loudly. Loud enough for Cassian to not be able to focus on his reading. He groaned in annoyance and closed his book waiting for the principal to come and start his speech.

An old man with a shiny bald head and a grey goatee sashayed on to the stage with an air of arrogance. This was Principal Armand. He had made quite the impression on Cassian in his first year at MAA.

His boastful voice echoed across the wide hall.

”HELLO! Its a pleasure to make your acquaintance, dear younglings! I hope your ready for a year of fun, fun, fun! And of course studies too dear younglings! ”

Principal Armand had the microphones volume on high by accident so his voice came out all squeaky and staticky. It nearly burst all the eardrums of all the students present in the hall. They covered their ears and winced whilst some even cried in pain. Now it may seem like an exaggeration but when the man was already practically screaming AND the microphone had high volume? It had to definitely hurt.

Cassian hit the side of his head a few times to get his hearing back and winced when he felt a sharp pain in his ears and a small noise that was starting to annoy him. He was at the end of the hall for Lucias sake! How did it affect him like he was standing right beside the principal?

Cassian dreaded the assembly already, he wanted to leave as soon as possible. He shouldve just skipped when he had the chance.

Well no going back now is there?

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