Mors Aranea Academy.

The Cato Legacy.

Calix Cato was a powerful mage who could use the darkest of magic without having to pay the price. He was a blood mage. He could manipulate and concur the blood of his enemies giving him an upper hand in battle.

His enemies called him the Dark mage or Malum fearful of even saying his name, believing with a say of his true name he would be summoned.

His people thought him to be the most powerful of the Ten Mages Of Old They called him their saviour, The gift given from Lucia or simply The great Cato Everyone was overjoyed when he helped to win the war against beasts of pure evil. They praised him even more than before. By royal decree he was given the status of a Duke and his own land to rule and build his legacy.

The Ten Mages Of Old were a group of powerful mages that won the War of Death After the war, they were the people who built academies in every country in Aranea. They did so because they didn want the future generations of mages to be weak against great evils. They did not want another war to occur so this was the best course of action.

Calix Cato was the sole founder of the Mors Aranea Acadamy with three other founders helping him build it with magic.

Mages did not have a specific religion as the mundanes did per se, they did have someone they wholeheartedly worshipped.

Lucia was the name given to the girl who was the first mage to ever set foot on land. They say she descended from the heavens above the day she was borne to Earth. She lived for centuries as the only person with magic on mundane land before realising that she was being called back up to the heavens. She took an abrupt decision to gift her powers to ten mundanes, bringing to the world the Ten Mages Of Old After she left, the ten mages told stories of her adventures and gifted their magic to promising young children who would become young mages in the future.

After a period of time mages made up 80% of the Earths population. Aranea was the land where Lucia first set foot on, so the land was dedicated to her in thanks of her gift given to the mundanes.

Lucia is not seen as a God but as a Gift to the Earth. Mages do not believe there is a God like mundanes do, but they do know that there is someone more important than their existence. Someone who brought Lucia to the world. They do treat her with respect and say her name to receive luck and protection before doing something important just as a mundane would do when worshiping their religions God.


Cassian sighed before closing the history book in his hand. It was a book he read every time he was bored which was more often then not. He traced the lines of the words in gold ink. The Cato Legacy & The Ten Mages Of Old it read. The tattered book cover was almost falling off and the pages were in no better shape. This was an old version of the history of the War of Death it was only found in the library beside Cassians room in the Cato mansion.

The more updated version used as the textbooks in the academy didn mention the ten mages in so much detail so he preferred this one even if it was really old and dusty.

He was at home because there was a break given for the period of a week. Due to it being Samhain, a big festival to mark the beginning of Winter took place every year. It was also an excuse for the professors of the academy to finally catch a break and recharge their

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