I woke up the day after hanging out with Thelia to find Einnig sitting beside me, reading a book. I sat up, looking around. He set his book down and smiled at me. ”Hi Jose! ”

I waved and pulled the blanket up to bury under.

”I have a friend I want you to meet! ”

This caught my attention and I nodded for him to continue. He went to the window instead of the door and in came a boy with silver wings.

He smiled. ”Hello. Nice to meet you. ”

I nodded.

Einnig tugged the boy over. ”My friend would like to help you! ”

I raised a brow.

The boy laughed, the he pulled himself onto the bed and wrenched the blankets off. He looked at my broken leg and did something with his tongue. ”I bet you
e bored, am I right? ”

I shrugged.

The boy began to undo the bandages and I jumped forward to stop him, only for him to give me a menacing smile. ”Hold still. Einnig said you would listen. ”

I went motionless, staring at him with wide eyes. He unwrapped my leg then pulled out a syringe. I gulped. He glanced at me before plunging it into my flesh, right into my calf.

I screamed.

Einnig clamped a hand over my mouth before it traveled far, and I writhed. I ended up backhanding him with my injured arm and he jumped away. I screamed again.

”Shut her up! ” the boy hissed, holding my leg down.

”Why didn you tell me it was a shit, Switch! ”

”Why did you tell me shed listen! ”

The boy slapped me hard and I fell sideways on the bed, crying. I mouthed Kesars name.

”Now, listen! ” The boy grabbed my face and glared at me. ”If you don want to be the replacement for the queen, youll keep quiet about this and be grateful, understand? ”

I stared at him blankly.

He should me until I couldn see straight. ”Do you understand! ”

I nod, if only to get him to stop.

He nodded once then hit me again, making my vision go black

Some time later, I woke to something cold on my face and struggled, crying out. ”Easy, ” said a familiar voice. I froze. Scared to find out who was with me, I open my eyes. It was Kesar. I blinked a few times to make sure I was seeing him correctly, then I slumped, crying. ”Hey, its okay. You
e safe now. ”

I clung to him, hardly able to breathe. ”Kesar, Im so sorry! I was out getting clean linen! ”

”No one should have been able to get in! ”

”The door was locked! ”

I cried harder, unwilling to let go of Kesar for anything. Then a door slammed and I screamed. I clawed at Kesars shoulders and fought to hide, fearing they would come for me.

”Jose! ” I heard, but I paid no mind as I tried to get away. I was hopping on my good foot and about to fall when a pair of arms caught me. I looked up fearfully and saw Zargis. I went still for a long moment as he looked down at me, then, I clung to him. I felt his arms come around me and I wasn afraid hed hurt me, but felt safe with him. ”What is going on? ” She asked in a low voice.

”Someone was in here and attacked her, ” Kesar said, I think.

”Was no one around? ”

”We we
e all busy, ” said a nurse.

It was silent before I felt Zargiss hand on the back of my head. ”Jose, let me lead you back to the bed so you can sit. ”

I shook my head, not wanting to be near it.

”Will you let me hand you to Kesar? ”

I looked around, seeing everyone watching me, saw the window, saw the paper and pen. I pointed to the window first, looked to Zargis desperately.

”Did someone climb through there? ”

I nod.

He nods and leads me to Kesar who lets me sit on his lap while Zargis goes to the window. While he inspects it, I give Kesar two fingers. He looks confused. Then, he says, ”There were two people? ”

Again I nod.

His eyes turn amber. I blink, momentarily forgetting why I was scared. Then I hear Zargis say, ”Unless the someone flew, I don see how anyone can get in here without the door. ”

I begin to cry again, wishing I could say who and what, wishing I was able to express everything.

”She wouldn be like this for nothing, ” Kesar says.

”And Im not saying shes lying. Im just trying to figure out what happened, ” Zargis growls.

I mouth Kesars name, holding him tight.

”Get her out of here. Maybe once she calms down, she can tell us something. ”

I feel Kesar lift me up and begin to carry me. I clutch him, fearful I would be dropped and left behind.

”Ive got you, ” he whispers in my ear. ”Its going to be fine. Just calm down. ”

”What happened! ”

I jump and begin to whimper.

”Jose, its alright. ” I feel Kesar tighten his grip on me. ”Ill tell you later, Einnig. ”

I shake my head violently, wanting to get away from the brother, wanting to hide, wanting to forget.

”Jose! ” Kesar calls, but I am not listening, unable to because of my fear that seems to be drowning me.

”Set her down! ”

”Shes panicking! ”

”I know, Kesar. Just get her down before you drop her! ”

I feel my body lower, then cold stone is beneath me and a pair of hands are holding my face, making me look into Kesars eyes. ”Calm down, Jose, ” he whispers. ”I won let you go. ”

I mouth his name. Again and again, his name leaves my mouth silently. ”Im going to give her something to relax, ” said a voice.

He doesn break eye contact and I begin to calm until I see the needle. I bar the thing away faster than anyone could react. Then, I break away from Kesar and stumble down the hall, not knowing where I was going, but knowing I had to get away from the enemy.

”Jose! ”

I ignore him.

I go up stairs and up more stairs until I reach a wooden door. I open it and slip inside. I see Thelia and gasp. She looks over and immediately starts over, but I shake my head. Scared she was part of the plot.

”Jose? ” she whispers, holding her hands up. ”Jose, whats wrong? ”

I shake my head, then look around. Seeing nothing of use, I turn and run away from her. She calls me, but I can trust her.

Some time later, I end up outside. There were stars in the sky, lights from buildings up and down streets. There was a fountain that was spraying water and people walking casually to wherever they were going. I ran onto one street and let it lead me deep into the town. People eyed me, curious and worried, but I ran away from them. They were all enemies!

I fell against a door and cried out as my leg hit the ground. Someone opened the door and looked down at me. I whimpered. The man grunted, looked around, then stepped aside. I hesitated. He narrowed his eyes and I stumbled in. It was warm and smelled like stew.

The male added wood to the fire then went to another room, returning with a bowl. I cowered away, afraid of him. He wasn disappointed, but set the food on a table and left. I waited and five minutes later he returned with blankets. He raised a brow in question. I cautiously pointed to the floor next to the fire and he grunted, placing a neat pile there before yawning and blowing out a candle.

I assumed he was going to bed, and carefully went to the blankets and laid down, ignoring the food.

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