I ran.

Tears were streaming down my face, my legs ached, my heart pounded, but still I ran.

Behind me, growls sounded close. Danto, Yoko, and Caika never gave up on their prey, especially when Komlak rarely let them out. They loved the chase, loved the fear that radiated off me as I dodged trees and boulders so I didn get ripped apart.

Komlak was my mistress, cruel as they came, hard to please. I was bought by her a year ago from my last slave master who couldn control me. Komlak, it seemed, thought she could. I knew I should not be testing her, not after seeing her reaction to a boy accidentally stepping on her dress, but I couldn help myself. She made me mad.

I tripped over a root and gasped as I fell forward, scraping my hands and knees on sticks and stones. The three bloodhounds caught up and drooled, looming over me with their teeth bared. I whimpered, more scared of these mutts than I was of Komlak herself.

Yoko went for my leg when I tried to get up, making a scream rip from my throat. The bone was crushed under the dogs powerful jaws. Danto caught a hold of my right arm, crushing the bones in my forearm while Caika wrapped her teeth around my throat. I was prepared to die, if only to be free from this cruel world.

Almost as soon as Caika began to squeeze, she disappeared, along with the other two. I heard yelps and whimpers, but didn wait to see why. Standing, I hobbled along, my bad leg dragging behind me as I held my broken arm against my chest. Behind me, I heard the dogs fighting someone else. I silently thanked them and disappeared into the night.

I made it to a hidden cottage that hasn been used in years, biting back my cries of pain. Stumbling inside, I was able to make it to the moth eaten couch to collapse. I gasped into the dark, pain everywhere in my body, it seemed. I passed out a moment later.

When I woke the next morning, I felt my broken arm wrapped up in something heavy and my leg being worked on. Immediately, I sat up and pushed away. Only to cry out in pain.

”Sit still, ” said a male voice.

I looked to where I heard it and blinked. Vibrant green eyes stared at me with unending interest, dark brown hair flopped in his face, his soft smile was filled with white teeth.

I still feared him.

I tried to pull my leg away from him, afraid of the price I would have to pay for his services.

”If you keep trying to get away from me, you
e going to hurt yourself more, ” he said, raising his brows.

I shook my head, unable to speak, unable to do anything, the fear making me paralyzed.

The male tilted his head to one side, studying me. ”Im not going to hurt you. Im trying to help. ”

Again, I shook my head. There was something about him I didn like, didn trust.

Behind me, the door slammed open, making jump up and try to run and hide, however my leg prevented t

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