Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 665 - 665: Much Less

Jestor placed his hand on his chest, sighing. He really thought Lucifer was going to destroy everything. Fortunately, nothing happened like that. He was actually safe, just like everyone else on the ship. 

”I thought they were like the frog on the bottom of a well, but it looks like I was the frog instead. I need to be more careful from now on. ”

A few minutes ago…

The daughter of Joan reached the dining hall right after Lucifer had left. She sat on the chair of Lucifer without even asking. 

”Hello. ”

”Ah, that chair is taken actually. ”

”It ’s alright. I ’ll stand after the person returns. Don ’t worry. ”

”Did you need something from me? ” Zale asked.

The woman bit her lower lip and seemed slightly shy as she looked at Zale, acting to attract Zale. 

”A-actually, I needed your help. ”

”How can I help you? ” Zale asked. 

”I-i wanted to ask you if you could help me a little. I ’ve noticed that you are a Variant. You must be really strong in that case. Actually, there are some people who trouble me back in my city. I was wondering if you could help me. ”

”I ’m already, but I can ’t come to your city. I am on a mission with my friend. ”

”Oh. ” The woman lowered her head, seemingly disappointed.

She moved her chair closer to Zale ’s chair. ”Then can you teach me some things I can use to defend myself? I ’m sure you know some great fighting skills. ”

”I did learn a bit of fighting skills, but I think any ordinary teacher would be able to teach you better than me, ” Zale replied. 

”P-please? I am really poor and can ’t afford a teacher. ”

”Poor? How are you on this ship then? ” Zale asked, frowning. 

”My family won the tickets in a lottery. That ’s why we are here. And the clothes are something I have borrowed from my friends. I ’m sure they don ’t suit me, right? I must be looking really funny. ”

Zale wanted to say, ’Not at all. You look really pretty. ’

But before he could even open his lips, another calm voice came. ”Yeah, you do look funny. Now get out. This is my seat. ”

”You… ” The woman swiftly stood up. ”I am sorry for taking your seat. Please sit. ”

She moved closer to Zale so that he was between her and Lucifer. 

”Can we talk somewhere else in private? ” She asked, sticking so close to her that her soft thighs were rubbing against Zale ’s legs. 

Lucifer noticed it clearly. It made his blood boil even more. His father was being seduced by a vixen!

”A-alright. I ’ll talk to you alone. Let me hear your problem. ” Zale nodded as he stood up. 

”You can ’t! ” Lucifer reacted. 

”A man never runs away when someone is in need. I ’ll see if I can help us without affecting our trip. If I can ’t, I ’ll be back. Don ’t worry, ” Zale answered. 

”The deck would be a nice place to talk. Please come with me. ” The woman said as she held the hands of Zale and started taking her to the stairs, hiding her smirk. 

’You think you can stop me? Just watch how I make your friend my slave! You can ’t stop me! ’ she thought as if talking to Lucifer. 

Lucifer remained behind, watching his father leave with the Vixen.

At the same time, the waiter also arrived with the food. He filled the table of Lucifer with food. 

”These people are really stepping on my nerves now. ”

He wanted to chase after Zale, but he didn ’t want to leave the food behind to get cold either. 

He turned into a shadow and disappeared. 

He appeared back on the deck, right beside Jestor. ”Jestor? ” 

”You?! ” Jestor felt his soul shiver, hearing the voice of Lucifer again. 

”Don ’t worry. I ’m not here to kill you. You aren ’t a concern to me. There is a more threatening issue that I am facing, and I need your help, ” Lucifer said, glancing at Zale and the woman in the distance. 

”You? And need my help? ” Jestor asked, looking at Lucifer weirdly. ”What could be troubling a monster like you? What do you want me to do? ”

”There is a table downstairs, filled with food. But I need to stay here to keep an eye on a vixen. But I don ’t want my food to get cold either. I want you to Teleport the table with the food here. ”

”This… ” Jestor didn ’t know if he should laugh or cry. His powers were being used for this purpose?

But he also noticed the glance of Lucifer on the woman with Zale. 

”Do you have a crush on that woman? You want to steal her from your friend? ” he asked. 

”Not at all. Instead, I want her to leave Zale alone. Zale is supposed to marry a different woman. I can ’t let this vixen spoil the future. ”

”Ah, sure. I understand everything now. That clears everything. ” Jestor said sarcastically. 

”Come on. Are you bringing my food here or not? ” Lucifer asked again. ”I ’m really hungry. And I might really destroy this ship in anger. ”

”Fine. I ’m bringing it! ” Jestor rolled his eyes as he stood up. He disappeared and appeared back at the dining hall. 

He sent Lucifer ’s table back to the deck before appearing there as well. 

”Good work. ” Lucifer smiled as he sat near the table and started eating. 

”You know, I don ’t understand you one bit, ” Jestor said, sitting nearby. 

”What don ’t you understand? ” Lucifer asked in the middle of the meeting. 

”One minute you seemed like a devil who wanted to destroy everything. The next minute you were like a kid who said he was just playing around. ”

”Then you were like a caring friend who worried about someone else, and now you ’re like someone who cares for his food so much. ’

”What ’s confusing about that? Can ’t a man care for his food just as much as other things? ” Lucifer asked. ”Are you hungry as well? There ’s quite a lot on the table. Join in. More will be coming soon. ”

”Nah, I just ate. But still… You really are an interesting person. I guess I really misunderstood you. I really thought you were like an arrogant person who took this ship hostage. That ’s why I went to warn you. ”

”Who knew you did it all just to have something to eat fast. ”

”You aren ’t entirely wrong. I am certainly an arrogant person. I won ’t deny it, ” Lucifer replied. ”But I can ’t stop being arrogant either. It ’s really important for me. ”

”And why can ’t you stop being arrogant? ” Jestor asked. 

”Because I need this arrogance for what I ’m trying to do, ” Lucifer lazily replied. ”It ’s my shield. ”

”I don ’t understand. Do you mean you use this arrogance for some advantage? Shield against what? ” Jestor asked. 

”It ’s better you don ’t understand, ” Lucifer lazily said as he continued eating while keeping his eyes on Zale.

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