Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 643 - 643: Possibility

After a long time, Lucifer finally freed the lips of Eve again, who was already on top of her by now. His arms were wrapped around her slim waist as he looked at her face, which made her look like she was slightly drunk. 

”Did you feel something? ” Eve asked. 

Lucifer could only nod his head. 

”Did you? ” he asked in return. 

Eve also nodded her head. ”I don ’t know what is happening. I ’ve only seen people doing these things with their loved ones. But it ’s my first time feeling like this. I… I think I ’ve fallen for you. I don ’t want to leave your embrace. ”

Lucifer didn ’t reply, but he wondered if that was the case. But how could it be? It hadn ’t been long since he met her. How could he fall for her so fast? Was that really the case? Or was it just hormones that he read about?

He couldn ’t be sure what this feeling was, at least until Eve was in his embrace. He needed to be alone to think about it. 

”Do you feel the same? ” Eve asked. 

Lucifer could only stay silent. 

”I understand. You aren ’t sure yet and need time to think. Isn ’t that right? ” Eve asked, smiling. She moved aside, getting off Lucifer. 

”You can have all the time you want. I don ’t want to force you to like me, ” she said, lying beside Lucifer again. 

”I ’m feeling thirsty, by the way. I ’ll be downstairs. ” She stood up and hastily left to hide her embarrassed face. She often acted strong and bold, but on the inside, she was also like any ordinary girl who worried about her feelings. 

Lucifer watches Eve leave. He didn ’t know what to do. He wanted to stop her, but at the same time, he didn ’t want to be too quick to judge. 

He brought his gloves out of his pocket and wore them. 

”Contact Kane. ”

”Contact barred. No signal. ” A response came from the gloves. 

”Hmm? ” Lucifer looked weird. His glasses were connected to a satellite. How were they not working? 

”Did Kellian do something in the defense room to jam even satellite signals? ” he wondered, frowning. 

”I told him to jam every mode of communication in the city. If that ’s the case, I ’ll have to leave the city to contact him. ”

He stood up and flew straight out of the city. After leaving the city, he tried contacting Kane again. 

It still didn ’t work though. He went even farther to get signals, deciding on the small village. 

He kept going farther and farther from the city, and fortunately, he received a signal just as he was close to the city. 

”Yes, little Boss. ” As soon as the call connected, Kane answered. 

Kane was one of the two in charge of the Uprising lab. He was also left back at Elisium with some of the Weaker Warlocks that weren ’t selected for this mission. 

”Kane, I want you to do something for me, ” Lucifer said. 

”Just say what you want. I ’ll do it. ”

”Arrange a plane and send Veracity to Zeston capital city. I need her here. ”

”Veracity? Alright. I ’ll tell her and arrange everything. ” Kane nodded. ”How ’s the conquest going? ”

”It ’s almost over. We shall be done soon, ” Lucifer replied before disconnecting the call. 

He turned back to leave when he suddenly noticed that he was already close to their Village. And he could see a couple of cars there. He wondered what the cars were doing there. He flew to the village.

As he landed in the village, he saw some men who were carrying weapons and were dressed in black clothes. 

All the one people of the village were lying on their knees, and the men were interrogating them. 

As Lucifer flew closer, he was even able to hear them. 

”Enough lying! One of us came here yesterday, and he didn ’t return. And you ’re saying you didn ’t do anything to him? ” the leading man asked before he kicked the face of the old village head. 

”If you don ’t answer what you did to him, none of you will be leaving alive from here today! ” The dark-haired man said. ”This matter is much more serious than you not vacating the land! ”

”I ’m telling you we didn ’t do anything! This is your scheme as far as I know! You just want to intimidate us with this accusation, so we leave! Please stop tormenting us! We just want to live in peace here! And we won ’t leave even if you kill us all! ” the old man said.

”You think I ’m joking? ” The middle-aged man raised his gun, aiming at the man. He was just about to pull the trigger when he noticed that he literally couldn ’t. 

”Having problems? ” Lucifer asked, landing in the back. 

”Who the heck are you? ” Another man asked Lucifer. 


The man who had spoken suddenly dropped dead, but it wasn ’t the work of Lucifer. It was because a bullet passed through his head. 

”W-what are you doing? ” Another man asked, noticing that it was one of them who had fired. 

”I-i don ’t know! It ’s like some invisible force is controlling my body! ” The man couldn ’t control himself as his body kept moving and firing at his men. 

Before long, the others also pulled out the guns to kill the man who was shooting them. But it wasn ’t the end of it. 

In the end, another man started firing at his men, saying the same thing. He couldn ’t control his body. 

Before long, all the men had dropped dead, killing themselves. 

”Strange. What happened to them? ” Lucifer asked, confused as if he didn ’t have a hand in it. 

”Are you alright? ” he asked the old men. 

”We are fine. Just confused about what happened to them, ” the old man stood up. 

”Who knows. Maybe they realized that they were wrong in trying to fool you and decided that it wasn ’t worth the living. Don ’t worry about them. Go and rest. In the meantime, I ’ll go to the city and talk to their heads to see what ’s the problem. ”

”D-don ’t go. They aren ’t good people! You ’ll be hurt. ”

”Don ’t worry. I have a feeling that they won ’t hurt me, ” Lucifer smiled as he walked away. 

After leaving the city, he started flying. But just as he was in the middle of the flight, he noticed his glasses vibrate. 

He brought out his glasses and noticed that it was a new number. He didn ’t know who was calling. 

He picked up the call. ”Yeah? ”

”What? How can it be you? This is impossible! ” Lucifer exclaimed, hearing the voice on the other end.

His face looked grim and confused at the same time.

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