Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 62: Limitations of Healing

”Kid, since you ’re so bold, have a fight with me like a real man! Don ’t you dare to run away! ” the man said arrogantly, not realizing how ironic it was that he was telling a ten-year-old kid to fight like a man.

Without waiting, the Steel Man arrogantly punched out towards Lucifer ’s face again after he reached near him.

The outcome this time was a whole lot different, though. It didn ’t go as he had expected at all.

”It won ’t work again. ”

Lucifer calmly spoke as he raised his left hand, grabbing the fist of the Steel Man.

”H-how?! ” the Steel Man exclaimed with a shock on his face. He was in disbelief. A ten-year-old kid was holding his hand, and he couldn ’t even push forward? Why did he feel like he was held by a mountain?

The other people present in the place were only seeing that his attack was stopped. Even if it stunned them, they weren ’t as shocked as the Steel Man.

Only the man knew how powerful his attack was. He hadn ’t gone easy at all.

The boy before him had stopped his full strength attack so easily, and he wasn ’t even pushed back an inch.

Steel Man tried pulling his hand back, but he wasn ’t able to do that either. It was as if his hand was caught by a monster that was refusing to free him.

”You bastard! ” The man roared in anger as he attacked with his left hand as well.

Lucifer could ’ve stopped the attack the same way by using his other hand, but he didn ’t since his left hand was holding something that was important to him. A piece of the figure of his father. He didn ’t want to drop it or have it broken even more.

”Die, ” Lucifer muttered as black lightning flickered around him.

Before the man ’s fist could land on his face, he used his Black Lightning. The lightning passed through his hand that was holding the Steel Man, entering his body.

Since steel was a good conductor of Electricity, it provided no resistance against the lightning that started ravaging the body of the tall man.

A sharp scream escaped the man ’s mouth as he was electrocuted.

Even though the exterior of his body was steel, the interiors were still the same and vulnerable. They couldn ’t stand against the savage black lightning that was the most chaotic form of lightning.

It didn ’t take long before his high-pitched screams stopped as his heart stopped beating. All his vital organs were fried.

It all happened in an instant. He had died before he could even land his punch on Lucifer. His eyes lost their shine.

Lucifer released the hand of the man, making him fall to the ground.

The people that were standing far didn ’t see how it happened, but the Steel Man was suddenly lying on the ground. He wasn ’t moving.

The Steel Man was not wearing shoes, so when the Black Lightning passed through his body, it also electrocuted the water.

It would have killed a lot of people standing in the water on the street, but everyone was safe. No one even felt anything since their special shoes protected them from the electrified water.

Lucifer moved his gaze over everyone present here after he finished with the giant man.

He could see that there were more people here now, and they were all surrounding him while keeping their distance, ready to attack.

Lucifer suddenly opened his mouth and asked a question out loud.

”Who was the person that fired the first attack when I was standing there? ” he asked as he pointed towards the stall that was now destroyed, lying in ruins.

Most people who arrived late were looking at him in confusion, wondering why he was suddenly asking that question, but only he knew the reason.

It was because that attack had broken the precious figure which he felt a connection to. That was enraging him more than actually being attacked. He had a feeling that it was Elisi, but he still asked since he wanted to kill that person at all cost, even if it meant letting everyone else escape.

The ones that were present there when Elisi fired the shot couldn ’t help but look in her direction while the man that had actually fired the first attack stood in the back. They weren ’t looking at Elisi because she had attacked first but because they wanted to hear her commands.

Lucifer noticed the reaction of people and assumed it was because Elisi was the culprit. He had received his answers, and his doubts were confirmed.

”It was you, ” he said as he glanced at Elisi. His assumption was right.

”I don ’t talk to dogs! ” Elisi arrogantly replied as she started using her ability to attack Lucifer again with an Energy Ball.

A small energy ball started taking form.

Lucifer didn ’t let her attack this time, though. He raised a small stone that was lying on the ground and tossed it at the energy ball that was taking shape to test something. He had noticed that the energy ball blew up whenever it touched something. Was that its weakness? He wanted to test.

Elisi instantly canceled her ability as she realized what he was trying to do. She also dodged to the side to escape the stone.

The Energy Ball acted like a missile. It created a blast whenever it landed on someone or something, but it also had a limitation. As long as something hit it when it was mid-flight, it would be treated as a landing, and the attack would blow up. That was its strength while also being its weakness at the same time.

If the stone had landed on the energy ball when it was near her, it would have injured them instead.

That was what she wanted to avoid.

She was also surprised that Lucifer had managed to guess her weakness which could be used against her if she attacked.

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