Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 614 - 614: Accepting Invitation

In his confusion, Lucifer even forgot to free himself. He simply looked at Kellian in the back, weirdly. 

”Did she hit her head on the way? ” he asked Kellian. 

”Not to my knowledge, ” Kellian replied. 

At first, he was also stunned to see her hug him with such intimacy. He thought that Lucifer and the lady probably had a different kind of relationship with each other. 

However, as he saw Lucifer just as confused, he understood that he wasn ’t wrong. 

After a long hug, Milena freed Lucifer. ”Why are you looking at me like that? Can ’t I miss you? ”

”Alright, something is wrong. Fess up. What did you do? ” Lucifer frowned. 

Seeing the awkwardness, Jiani stepped in the middle. 

”It ’s nothing. Her Majesty was just a little excited after seeing you for so long. Seeing your absence, she had thought that something might have happened to you. ” She placed her hand on the shoulders of Milena and pulled her back. 

She could see that Lucifer didn ’t look happy at all. It would have worked if he was even slightly pleased to have such a pretty lady hug him, but he looked completely unfazed. 

”Whatever. It ’s good that you ’re back. I was waiting for you. Come inside, ” Lucifer told Milena, stepping aside. 

Seeing Lucifer ’s invitation, the biggest smile spread across the face of Jiani. She used her thoughts to convey her message to Milena. 

”Ah, he is calling for you. It looks like he was just acting in public. That hug worked miracles. He now wants to be with you alone. Go inside and play along. But don ’t let him touch you this time. Time to play hard. ”

Milena was slightly hesitant at the thought of being alone with Lucifer when she couldn ’t resist. Especially after knowing what his thoughts might be, she clenched her fist and stepped inside the house. 

Behind her, Kellian also took a step forward. 

”Wait. Where are you going? Give the two of them some privacy, ” Jiani told Kellian, standing in his path. 

”It ’s alright. He can also come inside, ” Lucifer ’s lazy voice came in response, surprising Jiani again. Just what was this guy thinking?

She could only step aside. Kellian entered the house, wondering why the Nobles were acting so weird. 

In the back, Arthur had some idea, but all he could do was smile wryly. He felt slightly embarrassed after watching Milena act that way. 

He stepped inside the house as well with Jiani. 

Kellian had also arrived with Vega, who was going to be the technical support of the team in this quest. Meanwhile, another technical Variant was left back at Elisium to handle things there. 

Vega was with Alicia, talking to her at the moment. 

The small house suddenly found itself crowded with Kellian and Jean from Uprising and Milena, Arthur and Jiani from the Nobles. 

Lucifer stopped before a Coffin. 

”There ’s a girl inside that coffin. I want you to turn her into a Noble and bring her back to life. ”

”A girl? ” Milena opened the coffin and saw Jenilia inside. 

She didn ’t recognize the lady and just wondered if she was an Uprising Member.

”Isn ’t she from Warlock Council? ” It was Kellian who recognized her. 

”Yeah. She is from the Warlock Council, ” Lucifer replied. ”An intern there. ”

”Did you kill her? ” Milena asked. 

”No. She died from something else. Can you bring her back or not? ”

”How long has she been dead for? ” Milena inquired. 

”A couple of days, ” Lucifer answered. 

”Then I can ’t bring her back. I am sorry, but I can only turn the people who have died in the last twenty-four hours. She died long before that. Even if I tried, it wouldn ’t work, ” Milena answered. 

”So there ’s no way? ” Lucifer asked again just to be sure. 

”Not to my knowledge. She is gone forever, ” Milena replied. ”Was she important for the mission? ”

Lucifer glanced at the emotionless face of Jenilia. 

He didn ’t answer. He simply closed the coffin. 

”Since everyone is here, I want you to prepare for the fight tomorrow. We ’ll attack at two in the night. Declare that to your people. ”

After everyone left the small house, Lucifer observed the coffin. He could absorb the body of Jenilia. But he didn ’t feel like that was good. 

She wasn ’t particularly strong. But leaving that aside, he just didn ’t feel like destroying the body of this girl. She had helped him on the ship when he needed it. 

She also informed him about the existence of the Warlock Council and the whereabouts of the stones. She had proven her worth, and he felt like she deserved a bit of peace after her death. 

Turning his back on the coffin, he walked to the box on the side and picked up some Limiters. 

He picked up around ten Limiters. Amongst those ten Limiters, he placed five on his left hand. The other five were something he wore on his right hand. 

Even though he wore the Limiters, he kept them deactivated. He didn ’t want the Limiters to be damaged while trying to control his powers. 

Moreover, he believed his hands were the best place to hold these Limiters temporarily. 

After taking the Limiters he needed, he picked up the box and stepped out of the house. 

He placed the box at the entrance of the house and observed his surroundings. 

He could see two groups of people. One group was the group of Nobles. They were being briefed about the attack, which was going to be made soon after the date changed. 

Lucifer waited in the back with his arms folded. Eve also joined him soon as she wasn ’t a part of any gang. 

”Who says you don ’t have a family. See? There is your family. Such a big family that people would be jealous of you, ” Eve said. ”But then again, more than half of them would be dead in a War tomorrow. How does it feel? ”

”Doesn ’t matter. Everyone who is born will die one day. Why would I worry about anyone else dying after already losing some of the most special people to me? ” Lucifer asked. 

”Everyone will die one day, except you apparently, ” Eve replied. ”However, don ’t you want to cherish them longer? Don ’t you want them to live longer? ”

”What are you trying to say? ” Lucifer asked. ”Speak straight. ”

”What I ’m saying is that you don ’t need to take them, do you? ” Eve asked. ”You don ’t need to put their lives in danger. ”

”You mean I should go alone? ” Lucifer asked, smiling.. ”Do you really think I mind? I wouldn ’t even invite them here since I ’m confident in myself. ”

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