Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 61: Steel against lightning

A small blue ball of energy appeared before Elisi that started getting bigger and bigger with time. Soon, it was as big as a football.

She fluttered her finger gently, making the ball of energy fly towards Lucifer as if it was a bolt of lightning thrown by the legendary Zeus. 

Just when the Energy Ball was about to hit Lucifer, he finally moved. 

Without looking back, Lucifer stepped to the side, dodging the ball of energy. 

He was so fast that he managed to dodge the attack without single trouble, effortlessly, which stunned everyone who saw it. 

The ball of energy missed Lucifer, but it did hit the stall straight ahead. 

As soon as the energy ball touched the stall, a big blast occurred. A massive cloud of flames spread in all directions as if the energy ball was a missile, causing it. 

The blast was so powerful that despite the heavy rain, the fire managed to spread out for a few meters. 

Lucifer saw the flames coming towards him, mixed with smoke because of rain clashing with fire. 

He didn ’t seem to care, though. Instead, he finally turned back to look towards Elisi.

He could feel that Elisi had attacked him since she already had her hand in the air. Seeing that, he gave the credit of the previous attack to her as well, which had destroyed the figure of his father. 

He slowly opened his lips as he said three words. 

”You will die! ” 

His voice wasn ’t too loud, and Elisi and her people didn ’t hear his words either. But they could still feel a chill running down their spine for some reason. 

Soon, the flames reached Lucifer, engulfing him, making his figure disappear from everyone ’s view. 

”Will he be dead now? ” Sergeant Trafford inquired as he looky towards Elisi, but he got his answer as he saw Elisi raising her hand again to attack.

It was her specialty. Energy Blast was an A-Rank Elemental ability. It was more like a bomb from what Sergeant Trafford understood. 

It was said that if her energy ball landed on a person, they would blow up to smithereens.

”What are you looking at! All of you attack! He had some kind of healing. That ’s why he didn ’t die after being shot and after the previous attacks! We need to destroy his body beyond repair! ” Elisi declared. ”This little fire won ’t be enough. ”

”All of you, keep firing! Don ’t stop! ” Sergeant Trafford also commanded the cops as he heard Elisi ’s words. He was scared at what he was facing, but he gave it his all even though he felt it was wrong. He still had the opinion that they should have informed APF. 

Everyone prepared to attack to the best of their abilities, but before they could even attack, they saw a figure flying towards them. 

It looked like a young boy whose clothes were burnt at places, seeming emotionless.

Elisi ’s Energy Ball shot out again, but before it could hit Lucifer, he moved towards the left, dodging the attack.

A barrage of bullets was being shot at him, but he didn ’t care and let them hit him. He only dodged against the attacks of the Hunters of Red Eagles Guild since he was furious, and he didn ’t want to be delayed.

More cars kept arriving at the scene as more and more Hunters from the Red Eagles Guild arrived here. 

Most of the police force and the Hunters of the city were commanded to come here and kill Lucifer.

It was looking like it was going to be a big day for all of them. 

Lucifer kept getting hit by the bullets left and right as he moved forward with the help of the wind, dodging another Energy Blast. He was about to reach Elisi ultimately when a man jumped before him suddenly and punched out.

The fist of the man landed on Lucifer ’s face, making him fly far back. 

He crashed on the ground that was covered with water that splashed everywhere after his fall. There was blood on his clothes that was because of him being shot multiple times. The blood kept getting washed with the rain, making the puddle of water red.

Lucifer pushed himself up and saw the person that had attacked him just now. 

It was a man that was seven feet tall and had a metallic body. It seemed as if he was made entirely from steel. He was a Knight of the Red Eagles called the Steel Man. He had the ability that changed his body to hard steel and also increased his size by a little.

The man was seven feet tall in his transformed form while being less than 5 feet tall in his actual state. 

”Vice Guild Master! This bastard is a master in dodging attacks, and his healing is also too powerful. I think it would be better to let me fight him. I ’ll rip him in half. There is no way that he can heal after that! ” Steel Man looked back at Elisi and suggested.

Elisi gazed at Lucifer before looking at Steel Man, ultimately nodding her head. 

”You ’re right. He ’s like a cockroach that can dodge everything, ” She commanded. ”Go, Tear him in half with brute strength. ”

The Steel Man laughed as he bumped both his fists together, grinning at the opportunity. A metallic sound was heard as his fists clashed with each other.

”I would not disappoint you, ” he promised before he started walking towards Lucifer. 

Sergeant Trafford also told the men to stop shooting. He didn ’t want them to hit the Steel Man. It was not working anyways. So it was better to save bullets. 

Lucifer stood up as he looked at his hand. He still had the piece of glass from the figure of his father that was broken in his hand. He still hadn ’t dropped it. 

He hadn ’t taken his gloves off either since he didn ’t want it to be destroyed because of his powers. No matter what, he wanted to protect that piece.

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