Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 512 - 512: You Need More

A myriad of attacks landed on the barrier; however, none was able to destroy it. 

”As expected. A perfect addition, ” Lucifer muttered, smiling. 

”Fortunately, his plan hadn ’t failed. He hadn ’t wasted Drake. Moreover, now he didn ’t need to take an Army of Undead or destroy them. Instead, he couldn ’t take them all in a different form. He could carry all their powers with him. 

Most of the Warlocks that were brought here were powerful Warlocks of the Warlock Council. And mostly, all of them had incredible powers. 

He landed on the ground and started approaching all the Warlocks one by one. He kept collecting their hearts and before destroying their bodies. 

From what he knew, this ability worked when he absorbed the last remnant of a being, so he didn ’t forget to destroy their bodies before absorbing, just to be sure. 

After one hour and absorbing forty hearts, he finally finished with them all. 

”Now, I shall help Yasmine get out too. ”

As he finished absorbing, his attention returned to Yasmine. He started flying away instead of trying to dig the ground. 

He went back inside the city and went underground, where the battle between Warlocks and Nobles took place. He wanted to hunt two birds with one arrow.

One was to find the Noble who could control earth to take Yasmine out, and the other was to absorb the rest of the Warlocks. 

”Hmm? Where are the bodies? ” Lucifer asked, confused. 

Inside the underground arena, only Nobles were standing. There appeared to be no bodies, only fires burning here and there. 

”We burnt their corpses. ” A Noble Lord approached Lucifer. 

Lucifer scratched the back of his head, but he wasn ’t too upset. Even though it was a lost opportunity, he believed he already got what he wanted for the most part.

Moreover, he had managed to collect crucial information which he could use to make himself stronger. 

”I want you to come with me, ” Lucifer commanded the dark-haired lady who answered him. 

”Come where? ” The lady asked, frowning. 

”Don ’t ask questions. I need you right now, ” Lucifer responded. 

As the lady heard his words, she felt something was wrong. What did he mean he needed her? The War was already over. So why could he need her? 

She knew he was a man, and she had heard that commoners had high sexual desires compared to Nobles. She couldn ’t help but wonder if he wanted her for that?

The Dark-Haired lady took a step back before he replied. ”I won ’t come unless you tell me what you need me for! ” 

”I need you to create an opening in the ground for me. You ’re the Warlock who made this underground place for battles. I need that similar expertise. So are you coming or not? ”

”You need me to use my powers? Why didn ’t you say that in the first place? You scared me, ” the lady let out, sighing.

”Scared you how? ” 

”N-nothing. Lead me to the place. ”


Lucifer brought the lady outside the city to the spot where he had felt the energy negation. 

”Don ’t go ahead. Your powers won ’t work after a certain point, ” Lucifer warned the lady. 

”Yasmine is trapped inside the ground, I think. And for some reason, she ’s using her Energy Negation. It ’s probably to give a signal, but she did not stop even after we knew. So your powers won ’t work inside her Domain, ” he added. 

”Don ’t worry about that. My powers will work even in her Domain since they work differently, ” the woman answered. ”But it ’s a good news. I thought she was dead. ”

”We all did, ” Lucifer muttered. ”Get her out now. ’

The lady landed on the ground and placed her hand on the ground before closing her eyes. 

”So there she is. ”

The ground split apart, creating an opening to the small space where Yasmine was trapped. 

As the ground was split apart, it was discovered that Yasmine was actually trapped ten meters underground, in a space that was only one meter wide and as tall as her height. She didn ’t even have room to move hands 

However, now that the ground had opened, enough space was made.

Yasmine flew up and landed on the ground, breathing heavily. 

”Thank you so much, Aslima! I thought I was going to die there! ” she thanked the dark-haired Noble as she rubbed her chest. 

”Well, I think you should thank him, instead, ” Aslima answered, smiling. ”He told me about you being trapped here. If he hadn ’t said that, we would still be considering you dead. And we proudly wouldn ’t have found you for a very long time. ”

Yasmine glanced towards Lucifer. She bowed her head. ”Thank you for the help. ”

”Don ’t mention it. You fought for me, so it ’s my responsibility, ” Lucifer answered. 

’It also helps that you ’re alive. I said I wouldn ’t let anyone die under me. And with your survival, that makes it true. The three people I brought with me are all alive, ’ he thought. 

As for how many of them died inside the city, it wasn ’t his concern. He could only protect the ones that were with him. 

Moreover, he already did a lot for your Empire. 

”Let ’s go back now. Her Majesty probably heard about your death too. She would be happy after knowing that you ’re alive, ” Aslima informed Yasmine, who nodded. 

They both looked towards Lucifer to take the lead. Even though they didn ’t like it, he was still the temporary leader. They needed to have him fly first so they couldn ’t offend him. 

Lucifer understood why they were waiting. He didn ’t delay much and flew back, followed by Yasmine and Aslima. 


”Yasmine died too? ” Milena asked, glaring at Arthur. 

”She did. The enemies were too many. Moreover, one of them stole mine and Yasmine ’s powers in the battle. We couldn ’t do much. If not for Lucifer, a lot of us would ’ve been dead, ” Arthur answered. 

Duke nodded. ”I agree. The enemies were stronger than anyone could have expected with their powers, especially their leader. The theft of powers was shocking. I am just glad that Her Majesty didn ’t join the battle. If he had stolen your powers, it would ’ve been a disaster. ”

Milena lowered her head and didn ’t speak. There were many thoughts in her head. She needed to think about it deeply. Her people had died. She needed to think about who was responsible for it.

Was Lucifer ’s betrayal responsible? Or did his betrayal help her instead since the war would have turned ugly if her powers were stolen?

As Milena was wondering about these things, a new group entered the Palace.. But this time, they entered through the main entrance. 

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