Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 403: Cassiuss mission

The nation of Uheim in the west, ” Kellian declared, placing the end of his stick on Uheim that was marked in green on the map. 

”Uheim isn ’t close to the sea, but they do have a working airport. It ’s a tourist destination, so commercial flights are allowed there. ”

”It ’s connected to the other nations through those flights. It ’s also highly involved in exporting and importing, ” he explained. 

”So we ’ll be landing on Uheim? ” Caen asked. 

”That ’s right. It ’s still not going to be easy to get to the Divine Empire though. Uheim is also very far from the Divine Empire. The distance between Uheim and the Divine Empire is seven hundred kilometers. ”

’You ’ll have to travel that distance yourself. That would be a time-consuming process and very hard as well. ”

”The closer you get to the Divine Empire, the harder it will be to find food since the Divine Empire is in the center of the continent of Darkness. ”

”After you travel for two hundred kilometers, the mountains will begin. From what we know, you aren ’t going to find a single plant there. ”

”There aren ’t any beasts either. Even if there are, they are too rare. So for five hundred kilometers, you won ’t find a single source of food. This is the problem on this route. ”

”So, what do you think about this? ” Kellian asked. 

” Didn ’t the Warlock Council also reach there? Don ’t tell me they walked too? ” Uzuki asked. 

”They didn ’t walk. They went on their own helicopters, ” Kellian explained. 

”Huh? How did they get helicopters there? ” Uzuki asked, confused. 

”It ’s because Uheim…is affiliated to the Warlock Council too. A Warlock Council branch exists in Uheim, which has some of these resources. Only a small group of 4 people manage that branch though. ”

”Basically, Uheim plays for both teams, ” Kellian replied. 

”They help the Divine Empire, and they help the Warlock Council while acting as a neutral party. ”

”Just like we ’re planning to land there, Warlock Council Envoys also landed there from flights. They got into their choppers which took them straight to the Divine Empire, ” he further added. 

”It ’s going to be hard to survive without food. This is problematic, ” Caen muttered, frowning. ”We need to do something about this. If only we had Raia, he could have grown plants for us there with his abilities. ”

”Don ’t worry, I already thought about this. We won ’t be dying from hunger, ” Lucifer chimed in, noticing the low morale of Caen. 

”How? ” Caen asked. ”How will we travel five hundred kilometers without food? We can ’t carry that much food. ”

”We won ’t need to. We ’ll be flying there, ” Lucifer replied. 

”Will you use your abilities to make them fly too? ” Uzuki asked, remembering how Lucifer made everyone fly inside the Dungeon. 

”Nope. We ’ll fly in helicopters. We ’re going to be stealing Warlock Council ’s helicopter and taking it for a ride, ” Lucifer explained. 

”How will we do that without bringing attention to us? Wasn ’t it a stealth mission? ” Caen asked. 

He knew that if they really did steal the Warlock Council chopper, it was going to make things really chaotic. The Warlock Council was going to be alert. 

Also, Uheim was probably going to inform the Divine Empire about this. The Divine Empire was also going to be alert. 

”One correction. I won ’t be doing it. You ’ll be doing it. And no, there won ’t be any commotion. In fact, their branch will happily give that chopper to us, ” Lucifer let out, smiling. 

”Happily? You mean you want to…? ”

”That ’s right. Now you understand why I ’m taking you? ” Lucifer asked, smiling. 

”Kellian, You told me that three more Warlock Council Envoys went to the Continent of Darkness, but they came back without any success? I want the data on the main person from them. ”

”Also, arrange clothes similar to what that guy was wearing. If possible, get us his video so Caen can learn the way that guy talked too. That envoy will be visiting that branch once again, ” he further added, smiling. 

Caen understood what Lucifer was saying. He couldn ’t help but smile either. This wasn ’t a bad plan at all. With the resources they had, they could certainly pull it off. 

”That would certainly solve the problem of transport but would it really work? What if there are any verifications? ”

” If they asked their main headquarters for verification about your arrival? What then? ” Uzuki asked. Even though he wasn ’t personally going, he was really intrigued about this plan.

”That ’s right. It ’s a real possibility at the moment that they ’ll try to verify our Status since they won ’t have any information about any upcoming arrival from the Warlock Council, ” Lucifer nodded. 

”There ’s no benefit thinking about that at the moment. We ’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I already have something planned for them, ” he further added. ”It ’s final then. We ’ll go through Uheim. ”

”You two should prepare for the departure, ” he told Caen and Salazar. ”And Kellian, arrange for a flight for us. Make sure that flight is filled with Civilians as well, so it doesn ’t look odd. ”

”I ’ll handle it, ” Kellian affirmed. ”The flight will be waiting for you early in the morning. ”

”Good. Anything else you guys wanted to discuss before I leave? ” Lucifer asked, prepared to finish the meeting.

”There ’s one thing. ” Kellian was the person to speak first. 

”Yeah? ” Lucifer inquired. 

”It ’s about the Warlock Council. I already took steps to keep them busy elsewhere, but I doubt those will be enough to keep them busy for long. They ’ll soon send more people here if I ’m not wrong. ” Kellian explained. 

”How should I treat them when they ’re here? Be hard on them from the start or let them live in the Illusion that they ’re in charge indirectly until you return? ” he asked. 

”I think you already know the answer to that question. No one… I repeat, no one is above us. Just keep that mentality for Uprising, ” Lucifer responded. 

”I don ’t care who comes here to show off; that person shouldn ’t return alive if they don ’t behave properly. With this, I agree with Milena ’s approach to things. She did right by killing their people. Those bastards deserve that. You shall do the same, ” he declared. 

”The problem is that we aren ’t strong enough to face the Warlock Council at the moment. Unlike the Divine Empire, we don ’t have the territory advantage either. If the Warlock Council invades us, it ’ll be a hard battle, ” Kellian expressed concern with the approach. 

”Is that so? The answer is simple. Before they invade us, we invade them, ” Lucifer replied, smiling. 

”Don ’t worry, the preparation for invasion takes a long time since they have more people. You, on the other hand, are a small group. You understand what I ’m saying? ”

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