Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 391: The Cloak

”Kellian told you about the Divine Empire trip? ” Lucifer asked, surprised. He didn ’t expect this guy to know about it. 

”He told me about this a long time ago. He wanted me to make something for you for your trip to that place, specifically. And I believe I succeeded for the most part. These things should be able to help you a lot, ” the white-haired scientist answered, smiling. 

”I was about to send these to you as well, but you decided to come here yourself, so even better, ” he added. 

”Shall we begin? ” he asked. 

Lucifer nodded, looking at the items that were placed before him. 

There were many things that attracted his attention, especially a pitch-black cloak that was hanging on the wall. 

It was a long black cloak that could come down to his ankles. There was no other color on the cloak or any design. It was pure black. 

”I see you ’re interested this time. Let me start with that first, ” the scientist smirked, walking towards the cloak. 

”This cloak is something we designed especially for the Divine Empire. According to our Empire, the Nobles of that place wear a white cloak. The Queen often wears a black cloak when she goes out. ”

”As for the civilians, they are also allowed to wear cloaks if they wanted, but they can ’t wear black or white cloaks. So we made this for you, ” the scientist explained. 

”If I wear that thing there, won ’t I stick out of the civilians like a tiger hiding in a flock of sheep? ” Lucifer asked, shaking his head. 

”No, you won ’t stick out at all, ” the scientist smiled, shaking his head. 

He placed the cloak on the table and made a circle on it with his fingers. As he finished, the cloak suddenly changed color, turning white. 

He once again made a circle with his fingers, changing the colors again. This time, the cloak turned green. 

”What is that? ” Lucifer asked. ”It can change color? ”

”That ’s right. Since you ’re going to that place, I think it ’ll come in really handy. With this cloak, you can hide your face when you need to; you can also disguise yourself as a noble if you need to infiltrate the palace of the queen. ”

”And when you ’re in public, you can use the other colors. All you need to change its color is to draw a circle on the chest portion with your finger. It ’s an easy trigger, ” the scientist explained. ”I ’m sure you can remember it easily. ”

”Is that all it does? ” Lucifer asked. Even though he was impressed, this didn ’t seem like much. He didn ’t simply steal someone ’s cloak there if he wanted to infiltrate. 

”That ’s not all. That ’s just one of its specialties. The second specialty is that we made it using the Upgraded Cardigan Particles, ” the man explained. 

”Upgraded Cardigan Particles? ”

”Yeah. It ’s been a long time since we discovered the Cardigan Particles. We had been working to improve them even more, and finally, we were able to achieve something. It ’s still an experimental technology though. There are still some flaws to it, but these flaws won ’t affect you. ”

”What flaws? ” Lucifer asked, stepping closer to the cloak. 

”To make the cardigan particles stronger, we experimented with Atomic Zei Energy. It also worked, making the cardigan particles stronger, but it also left slight Zei Radiation in the cardigan particles, ” the scientist explained. ”We haven ’t been able to solve that yet. ”

”Zei Radiation? Doesn ’t that make cardigan particles useless? If someone wears clothes that have Zei Radiation, that person will become extremely sick in a short time, ” Lucifer asked, frowning. 

”This cloak has radiation? ” he asked. 

”Yeah, unfortunately. We ’re still trying to find a way to remove the radiation, but it ’ll take some time and a lot more research. But if it ’s you, the radiation won ’t affect you. Your healing would keep you protected, right? This should have no risk to you. ” The scientist responded. 

”Also, the radiation is only in a tiny quantity. It won ’t affect anyone close to you. It ’ll only affect you since you ’ll be wearing it. Unless a person hugs you for ten straight hours, he won ’t be affected by the Zei radiation, ” he added. 

”Tell me the benefits of Upgraded Cardigan Particles first. Let me see if it ’s worth it, ” Lucifer let out, folding his arms. 

”That ’s the best part. ” the white-haired man smirked. ”You know how the old Cardigan Particles weakened the attacks before they could pass through them? ”

”Yeah. What about that? ”

”These ones can weaken the attacks four hundred percent more than the old Cardigan Particles. But that ’s not all. These Cardigan Particles not only weaken the attacks but they charge themselves from the strength of the attacks that they absorb. ”

”Charge themselves? What do you mean? ’ Lucifer asked, confused. These clothes weren ’t phones that needed charge to work. ”What use is their charging? Can they weaken the next attack even more if they ’re charged? ”

”Not at all. It ’s something else which I think is very useful for you. ”

”How? ”

”Because you can absorb that energy for yourself. ”

”I can absorb that energy? ” Lucifer asked, surprised. He didn ’t understand what he was trying to say. 

”Look inside the pockets of this cloak, ” the man said, smiling. 

”Hmm? ” Lucifer checked the pockets to find ten crystal balls that were only a few centimeters wide. 

These balls looked like random items that kids played with.

”What are these? ” he asked. 

”These are something specially designed for Upgraded Cardigan Particles. The Upgraded Cardigan Particles absorb most of the energy of the attacks to recharge themselves. And when they ’re fully recharged, they transfer that energy to the crystal balls in your hands. ”

”Once the balls are supercharged with upgraded cardigan particle energy, they become very useful. In the case of others, our men could then throw these balls at the enemies. ”

” Since they ’ll be supercharged, these balls would be no less than missiles, blowing up as soon as they ’re thrown at the enemies. But that ’s only for others. For you, these balls hold a different use. ”

”And what use do these crystal balls hold for me? ”

”They ’re your food, ” the white-haired man said, smiling. 

”You want me to eat these supercharged bombs? ” Lucifer asked, looking at the man weirdly. 

”Not at all. You ’re taking me literally. What I meant is that you can use your decay on these balls and absorb the energy inside these balls. I ’m sure they ’ll help you, won ’t it? ” 

”As soon as you absorb all the energy from one ball, it ’ll stop shining. It ’s absolutely important that you stop decaying the ball after that point, or it ’ll turn to dust. ”

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