Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 264: I embrace my Demon

After much struggle, Lucifer had found the video of his father using his power. Being unable to wait, he started playing the video.

He could see the powerful back of his father as the video was shot from behind. 

There was a crowd of people standing near the person who was recording the video. On the other end, hundreds of hungry Dungeon Dwellers could be seen, looking like they were going to shred everyone in their path. 

Between the two sides, his father stood like a wall to protect the humans. 

The sky was covered in dark clouds that were roaring like mad. 

Lucifer paused the video as he frowned. 

”This situation, the clouds, why do they look similar to the clouds that appear out of nowhere when I ’m unstable during a battle? ”

”I always wondered how these clouds were related to me. Could it be that they were related to Father too? ” He said softly as he frowned. 

He took a deep breath as he braced himself while playing again. The video moved forward. 

Hundreds of Dungeon Dwellers started running towards his father. He couldn ’t see his father ’s face or the expressions on his face, but he believed that his father must be smiling confidently at the moment. 

His father raised his right hand as if he was showing his palm to the clouds.

”Come forth and destroy everyone that stands in my path! ” Zale Azarel ’s mighty roar echoed in the surroundings like a warcry. 

The sky seemed to respond to the call of Zale Azarel as hundreds of lightning bolts fell on the Dungeon Dwellers, destroying them all. 

This one move… A single attack had killed hundreds of fierce Dungeon Dwellers. 

Lucifer ’s mouth opened slightly as he saw this attack. This attack was so powerful while also being a large-scale damage skill.

Moreover, he was sure that the lightning bolts fell because of his father because they weren ’t normal lightning bolts. 

Instead, they were the black lightning bolts that only they could create. They were the lightning bolts that were enough to kill anyone. 

”This attack… How did he do it? ” Lucifer muttered as his frown deepened. ”If only I learn it too, I can be so much more threatening. In front of this attack, the way I use lightning seems like using a gun like a stick! ”

”I must learn it! I must be able to do that too. No matter what I have to do, I need to master that attack to get to my goals, ” he further said as he clenched his fist. 

He had set his mind to it. He needed to master this skill. 

”How do I do that though. The only person who could teach me is dead…. ” 

He soon started getting worried about how he could learn it.

He suddenly shook his head. 

”No! I can ’t doubt myself! When he learned it, he didn ’t have anyone to teach him this skill either! ”

”He mastered it! I can do it too! He didn ’t even have a reference of this skill when he made it, but I at least have an idea about what I ’m looking for. ”

He again played the video, which he had paused after the scene of lightning. 

As the video started playing, it showed the beasts that were killed, lying on the ground. 

His father slowly turned back to reveal his face, which had a confident smile on his face.

”You all are safe. But I still suggest you stay inside your homes. Don ’t worry; nothing will happen to this city as long as we are here, ” he told the men, showing his fist confidently.

Seeing his father talk like that, Lucifer couldn ’t help but laugh. Even though he laughed, there were also tears in his eyes. 

”He really was different, ” Lucifer said as he shook his head. 

His father smacked his foot on the ground as he seemed like he flew into the distance, but Lucifer knew he had jumped. 

That was where the video ended. 

Lucifer closed the laptop and placed it on the side as he rubbed his eyes to wipe his tears. 

”It ’s no time to think about the past. I need to focus on the future. I have many things to do in this world. I can ’t be weak. I must learn to control the Cloud Thunder, ” he said as he shook his head.

He stood up to leave the room when he heard a voice behind him. 

”What do you want from me? Why have you kept me alive? ”

”So you ’re up, ” Lucifer said as he turned back. 

”It ’s good that for once, you aren ’t an idiot. I was tired of seeing you electrocuted. Now that I have the opportunity, I ’ll directly tell you. ”

” If you even try to use your power, you ’re going to suffer that again. So be a good guest and be glad that you ’re alive, ” he further said.

”Who are you? ” Ayn asked, frowning. ”You seem familiar? ”

Lucifer clenched his fist as he heard her words. He stepped closer to her, stopping just a few inches away from her as he grabbed her throat. 

As Ayn struggled to breathe, Lucifer brought his lips close to her ears as he whispered, ”After you all hunted me like an animal, do you believe you ’ll get to forget me this easily? ” 

As Ayn saw Lucifer from close, she noticed the slight violet color inside his left blue eye. 

”L-lucifer? ” She spoke after much struggle. 

”Bingo, ” Lucifer said, smiling. He freed her throat. 

Cough! Cough!

Ayn coughed heavily as she could finally breathe properly. 

”What do you want from me? You hid eight years ago! How dare you come back again? ” She asked after her coughing stopped.

”I hid? ” Lucifer asked, confused as he looked at her like he was looking at an idiot. 

”Hahahaha! So that ’s what it was! ” He suddenly said as he burst into laughter after realizing what it was. 

”It seems like even the mighty Beta Squad leader doesn ’t know what had happened that day. Did Varant hide it from you? Did he not tell you what he did eight years ago? ” He asked after he stopped laughing. 

”What did he do eight years ago? ” Ayn muttered as she frowned. She did remember something significant that had happened eight years ago. Varant had returned, seemingly hurt. 

After that, he wasn ’t seen for a long time. Riali and Gensi didn ’t tell her what had happened. Even after Varant appeared again, she didn ’t find out anything as he didn ’t tell her either. 

”What had happened eight years ago? ” She asked Lucifer. 

”A murder had happened eight years ago. The murder of a child who was just sitting on a beach, minding his own business, ” Lucifer replied. ”Guess who that boy was? ”

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