Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 244: Quick Death

”Yeah. But he died when I was five years old. My mother also died with him. In one day, I became an orphan… ” Lucifer continued explaining. 

”The agents came and took me to the facility…. ”

As time kept passing, Lucifer kept explaining what had happened. The more Cassius heard, the more he realized, the childhood of Lucifer was really harsh. Suffering in a facility and even being killed?

Then being hunted by this so-called APF? And being killed a second time?

”That ’s where Grandpa Chi saved me. I had lost my memories, and that ’s why I was living that fake life. It was only recently when I gained back my memories, ” Lucifer said as he finished the explanation. 

”That really is…. ”

Cassius didn ’t find any words on how to react. He had imagined that Lucifer went through something terrible to be seen that sad, but to know that it could be this much? It was unexpected. 

”I should really thank your healing. Even after all that, you ’re still alive. And now you can take your revenge. I will also join in. And I won ’t take no for an answer. That ’s final. As a Warlock, it ’s my duty to help kill them! ” Cassius ultimately said as he expressed his determination to help Lucifer. 

”I won ’t die, but you can easily die. Don ’t underestimate the enemies, ” Lucifer warned Cassius. 

”Hah, don ’t worry. I ’m in it to win it, ” Cassius said confidently. 

”How did you even find me, though? ” Lucifer asked, curious. 

Cassius raised his hand to show the beautiful thing that was on his finger. 

”Ah, this ring… ” Lucifer let out, shaking his head. He placed his hand in his pocket to bring out that ring. 

He had thought about throwing that ring before, but he had decided against that. Maybe because he subconsciously wanted to be able to find Cassius in the future, or maybe because this ring was actually a pretty ring. 

And it was one of his first birthday gifts in over twelve years, so it was special.

This ring and the necklace of Grandpa Chi made him feel like he actually wasn ’t alone in this world. 

”Did you tell anyone else about me? ” Lucifer asked, frowning. 

”I didn ’t. Even my father doesn ’t know which country I ’m in. I ’m pretending to be in a different country. I had to take two flights, but it was worth it for my privacy, ” Cassius replied as he kept his eyes on the road. 

”So, who is this Veracity we are going to? Is she a family friend? ” Cassius inquired. 

”Not really. She ’s just someone I want to work for me. Her gifts are pretty useful. She can help me see if someone is lying to me or not, ” Lucifer replied.

The conversation continued as the two sports cars talked with the winds, going from one city to another without stopping. 

It was only in the next city when they stopped to eat something since Lucifer was hungry. 

The two cars were parked outside the restaurant, which was occupied by Lucifer and the others. As for the other seats, they were empty.

Since their group of three came in the expensive sports car, everyone believed that they were some rich youngsters who were on a road trip. The restaurant provided them with the best of service they could. 

The delicious food was served right away. 

”The taste of this nation is pretty different than what we have. Ours is more exotic; I must say, ” Cassius commented as he tasted the food. 

”May I ask where you ’re from? ” Jiang asked Cassius, still unaware of his identity. 

”Let ’s just say I ’m from very far away. An island nation that I doubt you ever heard about, ” Cassius replied. 

”How do you two know each other then? ” Jiang asked, curious. 

”Well, Alex and I… I mean Lucifer and I were in the Variant Academy together where he lived for his last few years, ” Cassius explained. 

As for Lucifer, he didn ’t have an interest in their conversation. Instead, his eyes were at the glass entrance of the restaurant, where he could see a young kid standing. 

The kid seemed to be only thirteen or fourteen years old. As for his clothes, they were very dirty and even torn in places. He even seemed a bit malnourished, as if he hadn ’t eaten anything in a long time. 

Through the glass door, the kid was looking at Lucifer and the others who were eating delicious food. 

The owner of the restaurant approached the group of Lucifer and introduced himself.

”I ’m Mark Bune, the owner of the restaurant. I heard some VIP people came to our restaurant. I couldn ’t help but come personally to greet you. So great sir, Is everything to your liking? ” He asked Jiang, who seemed to be the eldest and the guardian of others. 

He also noticed Lucifer looking in a certain direction. 

Mark looked in the direction where Lucifer was looking in and noticed a young orphan standing at the door. 

”Oh god, I ’m so sorry! That beggar must be spoiling the atmosphere for you. That beggar always comes here no matter how many times I kick him away! I ’ll be right back! ”

The shop owner walked to the glass door and pushed it open towards the outside, letting the young boy fall. 

”How many times have I told you not to come here! Your presence spoils the mood of our premium establishment! I don ’t care if you ’re poor or anything! Stay as far away from this place as you can! Next time I won ’t be as kind! ” Mark scolded the kid who was lying on the ground, shivering. 

Mark didn ’t know, but there was a complex look on Lucifer ’s face as he clenched his fist. 

This moment reminded him so much of the moment he had awakened after his death for the first time. He was treated the same way. 

Lucifer left the food as he stood up. He wasn ’t pleased at the moment as he advanced towards the shop owner. 

”Oh my, I haven ’t seen him so upset before. Why do I feel like someone is going to die? ” Jiang muttered, frowning. 

Cassius also noticed that Lucifer was upset. Was it because of the kid? How Mark behaved with the kid, did it upset Lucifer? 

Mark closed the door as he turned back to notice Lucifer standing before him. 

”Ah, sir. Don ’t worry. I taught him a lesson. That kid won ’t annoy you now. You can be assured, ” Mark told Lucifer, misunderstanding why he was looking so upset. 

He thought Lucifer was upset because he saw the kid ruin his eating experience.

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