Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 159: Unseen Side of Varant

Lucifer was sitting on his bed, looking down. 

He was still lost in thoughts. On the battlefield, many emotions were going through his heart, so he didn ’t think much and just did things that he believed were right at the moment, but now that he had some time, he realized that there were many questions that were left unanswered. 

”What did blue and violet eyes mean? Both his eyes were blue as far as he remembered. So why did Xander say something different? ”

And even if he said the wrong colors of his eyes, why was he and everyone else so shocked? Just what was so special about this? He had seen quite a few people with different eye colors. Some had red, some black, and some even green. 

Why did the color of his eyes matter so much?

But that wasn ’t the biggest question in his head. The biggest question was still about his parents? What actually happened to them?

He knew that he wasn ’t going to get the correct answers here. And even if he did, he couldn ’t know if they were lying or telling the truth since they ’ll certainly not tell the truth if they were wrong.

As for APF, they were thirsty for his blood, but he didn ’t care. He could still kidnap a few APF members if he wanted, but what then? The chances of any low-ranking member knowing about his father were non-existent. 

The only one who could know was Varant and that too, if he was actually involved but getting to Varant seemed impossible. 

Moreover, it wasn ’t as if he could get answers in exchange for the lives of APF members. He had tried this once before, and even then, Xander had managed to lie to him. These people had no conscience, so this was going to be a wasted effort. 

”I need time and a plan. Just as Caen said, the things that can ’t be achieved with strength can be achieved with schemes. I need to become scheming like them and start thinking like someone who has no strength, only brain, ” Lucifer muttered as he laid down on the bed and covered his eyes with his palms. 

”Think… What can I do to get my answers, ” he said as he tried to think. 

But no plan came to his mind. All his brain was adjusted to was using his strength to get what he wanted and not planning. 

”How did the Variant Uprising plan? They used the Predictor ’s prophecy to get to a plan. Once they knew what the enemy was going to do, they came to a plan. ”

” I also need to know the reactions of my actions so I can plan. It needs to have a thorough plan without any loophole. Something that will help me massively. ”

While Lucifer was talking to himself, there was a knock on his door. 

He stood up and opened the door to find Draco there. Draco was carrying some clothes for him while the ladies behind him were carrying some food. 

”Sir Lucifer, here are the clothes for you. You can get dressed. As for the food, where should I get it placed? In your room or in the garden like before? ” Caen asked, frowning. 

”The room is fine. Place it on the bed and leave, ” Lucifer replied as he took the clothes from Caen. 

The clothes that were brought by Draco contained a black shirt and white pants. 

Lucifer placed the white pants on the side before he wore the t-shirt. He didn ’t need different pants since the ones made from Cardigan Particles were enough for him at the moment. They were the perfect pants for him, so he didn ’t want to remove them. They weren ’t dirty anyway. 

Placing the food on the table, Draco and the ladies started leaving, but before Draco could step out, he stopped and turned back. 

”I am an idiot. How could I forget this? ” He muttered as he sighed. 

He brought out a bottle from his pocket and walked back inside as he placed it on the table.

”What ’s the bottle? ” Lucifer asked. 

”It ’s the shampoo. You rub your hair with that to keep them in good condition during the shower. You would be taking a shower, right? I figured that you might be needing it, ” Draco said before he turned to leave. 

”Sham…poo? ” Lucifer muttered as he stared at the bottle. He didn ’t remember using something like this before. He did shower when he was at the facility, but he was only given a plain white soap, no shampoo. 

He wondered how it was used. 

’He said I rub it on my hair. I should try today, ’ Lucifer thought as he picked up the bottle. 

He closed the door after the guests left before he walked straight into the shower after taking off his clothes. 

He turned on the shower before he opened the bottle. 

As Lucifer opened the bottle, he realized that he was still wearing the gloves but he also couldn ’t remove them unless he wanted to destroy this shampoo. 

He decided to shower with the gloves. 

Opening the bottle, he turned the entire liquid inside the bottle on top of his head before he started rubbing. 

He didn ’t know how much he should have used, so he used a bit too much. 

As he rubbed his hair, he didn ’t turn off the overhead shower, making the entire thing wash off before he could even rub properly, but the bit that was left became foamy, covering his entire head and his long hair. 

Some of it even entered in his eyes, making him feel like his eyes were burning. He hastily washed his eyes before he stopped rubbing the foamy shampoo and let his hair get cleaned by the water. 

”This thing sucks. Why do people even use it? My eyes were burning! Was this a scheme of theirs to hurt me? ” Lucifer muttered as he looked at the bottle of the shampoo. He swore to himself that he was never going to use this thing.

He only used the soap to wash his body before he stepped out of the bathroom and dried himself before getting dressed again.

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