Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 140: Enhancement Overdose

”I will take him out! ” Arne said in his heavy voice before he also started moving towards Yaliza, ready to kill.

Soon, the final clash began as all Alpha Squad Members clashed with the top Variant Uprising members. 

Finally, it was looking like the Variant Uprising members got worthy opponents, unlike the human army which was being toyed with. 

Loud booming sounds could be heard all around as clouds of dust started rising at places. 

There were only two people who weren ’t engaged in the battle, but these two people seemed to be the strongest of the two teams. 

These two Variants were two of the Four Warlock Kings, the battle of whom had the potential to destroy everything around them. 

The two of them were looking at each other as if they were staring into the eyes of each other, despite such a long distance between them. 

There was no smile on Varant ’s face. On the other hand, Raia had a smirk on his face as he looked at Varant. 

Raia slowly raised his hand towards the front before he moved his fingers back and forth as if he was gesturing for Varant to come and attack. 

Varant also saw this mocking gesture. He could also notice the lips of Raia moving. Because of the distance, he couldn ’t hear what Raia was saying, but he was able to make an educated guess from the movement of Raia ’s lips. 

It seemed like Raia was saying, ”Come, let ’s finish it. ”

Varant took the challenge as he started walking towards Raia in calm steps, seemingly not in any hurry. He wanted to enjoy this battle since he planned to go all out this time and wipe Raia. 

In a different place, outside the Ice Tomb, a different battle between the APF and VU was about to begin. 

Xander took the lead in the battle as he waved his hand horizontally, bringing a huge wave of fire out of his hand, which advanced towards the enemies in the distance as if it wasn ’t an attack from a Variant but a Tsunami of Fire. 

Ayn didn ’t attack since she didn ’t want her Ice to affect Xander ’s attack, but the Variant Uprising did react to the attack. The one who stepped forward was none other than Isona herself. 

Meanwhile, Lucifer and Caen had stepped inside the Facility. Fortunately, the entrance inside the facility was completely empty. 

The scientists of the Facility and all the working staff were told not to step out of their rooms until the government team arrived here. Only the guards of the Facility were allowed to roam around. 

And if someone amongst the staff was found to be roaming outside or trying to leave the facility, the guards were allowed to shoot them as per the commands of the Higher-ups. That ’s why no staff was leaving their rooms where they were kept. 

Not even Doctor Rao and Doctor Layman had left their office where they were sitting in complete silence with Yale, unaware of the advancing calamity towards them. 

As they reached the end of the corridor, there were two paths that one could take, either left or right. 

” Left or right? ” Caen asked Lucifer. ”Do you know the office of the people who tortured you? ”

Lucifer shook his head in response. He hadn ’t seen much of the Facility except a few corridors, let alone seeing the office of the highest authority. 

”It ’s fine. We can go spread out. Fiona, Missy, and Henrik, you guys take the left. Kill everyone that stands in your way, but don ’t kill any scientists here. I don ’t want you to accidentally kill Lucifer ’s enemy, ” Caen told his team members. 

”Try to find Doctor Rao at any cost. And if you find out that he is in our direction, then just continue on your path and kill anyone. We ’ll kill doctor Rao and the rest here. Don ’t take long. I want to meet you all here within thirty minutes, ” he added before he took the right path. 

Lucifer also took the right path with Caen.

As they headed in the left corridor, Lucifer finally started remembering. It was right. He had walked in this corridor before. His memory was jogged even more as he realized that there was only one door in this long corridor. He was right; he had been here. 

”This is your first time here, isn ’t it? Don ’t worry, young man. You ’re our hero. We ’ll just test your blood sample here. It won ’t hurt even a little. ”

Lucifer remembered the first time he was brought here. It was on the second day he had come to this facility. He was brought to this place, and his blood sample was collected. After that point, he was brought here every week, and one vial of blood was collected from him every time. 

That continued for the next five years. It was said that they used his blood to test if his powers had awakened or not. 

As he once again walked through this corridor, he couldn ’t help but be surprised. This place was so close to the exit and he hadn ’t realized it before. A single left from the front, and he would have seen the exit at that time. 

”What happened? Do you remember something? ” Caen asked Lucifer as he saw him looking towards the distant door they were getting closer to. 

Lucifer nodded his head. ”I was here before. Many times. Many, many times. They took my blood every time. ”

”Ah, so that ’s it. Don ’t worry; we ’re sure this is the facility you were kept in. You ’ll see a lot of familiar things, ” Caen said as he reached the door of the lab.

Turning the knob, he tried to open the door only to realize that it was locked. 

”It ’s locked. I guess we ’ll have to- ”

Caen was still speaking when he saw Lucifer punch the door, breaking it apart. 

”-break it. ” Caen finished his sentence, realizing that it was already too late. 

As the door was broken, Lucifer and Caen stepped inside.

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