Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 100: Sacrificing a few

”Are we going back? Why? I am yet to meet the cute kid we are after, ” Isona inquired, wondering why they were going back so soon.

She soon thought of something as she asked, ”Could it be that Caen…. ”

”Yeah. The kid went to Erygas. Caen has him. He is bringing him back to the base, ” Dion answered, completing Isona ’s sentence. 

”Cheh, I guess Caen got lucky this time. Whatever, we can meet the kid at the base as well. As for this Facility, we can blow it up when we come here with the kid to show him our goodwill, ” Isona let out casually as she stood up from the chair.

The two of them left and collected their teams. After informing their teams, they vacated the place and went back as silently as they came.

The Facility where Lucifer had died was protected by the Army of Elysium. It boasted of having the best defense, yet they failed to know of the threat that was lurking right around the corner.

The Variant Uprising members came here and camped nearby and left, all without letting the army find even the smallest of clues about their presence. It showed how trained the Variant Uprising members were and how lax the security of the Facility was. 

The army only kept an eye on the Facility, not even bothering to go on patrolling outside even once in a while. 

They had come to think that no one was going to attack them. They weren ’t aware that there were people after this place… People that were capable of leaving the establishment in ruins… people who could make rivers of blood flow wherever they went.

If Lucifer wasn ’t given the wrong address, they would most probably already be dead since not only would Lucifer be attacking them, but Dion and Isona would have come to help as well. They had barely escaped a disaster.

Inside the Facility, Doctor Rao was sitting in a chair in his chambers. He was looking at his computer screen, which was showing the data of some human experiments.

”Not bad. If she is like this, she might actually awaken soon. She is nothing like that useless kid that couldn ’t awaken despite having such a superior bloodline, ” Doctor Rao muttered as a smirk formed on his face.

”Soon, it ’ll be time, ” he continued. ”I guess I should thank Lucifer for his contribution. No matter how useless he was, at least he did help with this. ”

”Doctor Rao, wouldn ’t we be in trouble if someone else finds out about her? So far, only us know about this, ” Doctor Laymen expressed his sound concerns. ”How long can we keep it a secret for? ”

”We are not the only ones who know about this. There is one more person who knows just as much. Even though it is a secret, didn ’t you ever wonder why we were able to keep it a secret for so long? ” Doctor Rao asked with an amused smile on his face.

”Why? Who else knows? I thought only the two of us knew about her? ” Doctor Laymen asked.

Doctor Rao shook his head as he answered, ”We aren ’t the only ones. General Maxwell knows as well. It ’s only because of his high authority that we were able to keep it a secret for so long. ”

”Ah? Is that why he didn ’t give APF the permission to search the Facility when they came last time to find out about Lucifer? ” Doctor Layman asked, understanding the secrets that he was unaware of until now.

”That ’s right. If the APF guys had searched the Facility, they might have found her. We couldn ’t let that happen. It was the same for General Maxwell. That ’s why he was so stubborn, ” Doctor Rao replied.

”Oh, it ’s certainly more clear now, ” Doctor Layman mumbled.

He suddenly thought of something as he sat straight.

”That reminds me. The APF guys were here with the claims of Lucifer being alive. Could there be truth in this? ” he asked.

”How could it be true? We all watched Lucifer die. We also have all the data to prove that he was dead, ” Doctor Rao refuted straight. ”There is no way a person whose Cell Destruction was hundred percent could survive. He was dead. Not even the gods could have saved him. ”

”Why did they claim that he was alive then? ” Doctor Layman inquired again. The more he asked, the more his questions increased.

Doctor Rao smiled confidently as he answered, ”It was obviously because they wanted to use that as an excuse to search our facilities. They are concerned with variants, and there are a few rumors about our Facility. ”

” It is clear why they would want to investigate us. They probably found Lucifer ’s dead body. They knew they couldn ’t search us legally, so they used the excuse of Lucifer being alive. The excuse of national threat is a valid excuse to search us after all. ”

”That ’s true. It ’s good that General Maxwell took care of the problem and didn ’t give them the permission to search, ” Doctor Layman sighed in relief.

In a different place, a man in a military uniform stepped out of his vehicle. He walked inside a beautiful-looking mansion.

As he stepped inside, he was greeted by the butler.

The butler asked, straightforwardly, ”What business brought you here? ”

”I wish to meet General Maxwell. I have an appointment with him, ” the army man said.

”May I know your name? ” the butler inquired.

” I am Maine, ” the middle-aged man answered without getting impatient.

”Very well, Mister Maine. My Master is waiting for you inside, ” the butler answered after making sure that the name matched.

He escorted the middle-aged man to a room where General Maxwell was sitting on a sofa. He was watching the news on TV.

”Master, Mister Maine is here to see you, ” the butler conveyed to General Maxwell before he took his leave, giving them privacy.

General Maxwell turned off the TV lazily, using the remote.

”Take a seat, ” he casually said, without even glancing back.

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