Freedom Path


George walked off the train onto the terminal at Freedom City while looking around. He saw people dressed in the same uniform as himself, a crimson red coat with gold lining around the edges, a white shirt on the inside with a bow at the collar and white shorts for the male students, skirts for the female students.

There had been several stops several times during the trip. At a particular one, he had switched trains to the current one he just got off, the academys official privately owned bullet train.

The students all seemed to know each other. They had already formed little groups, so he felt awkward walking up to one them to ask what he was supposed to do.

As he did so, they all seemed to turn towards him, looking at him with a certain curiosity on their faces. He asked, ”Excuse me, could you tell me whats supposed to happen next? ”

However, their expressions all seemed to make a complete 360o and there were now traces of haughtiness on their faces.

”Don speak to us, peasant. ”, one of them said.

George walked away, feeling a bit dazed. He then heard someone calling out, ”All new students, line up. Make two lines, one for the males, another for the females. ”

He turned and saw a middle aged man dressed in casual clothing with people in a black uniform behind him.

He walked up behind the students that had already lined up and waited. ” Is that everyone? Okay, then. Good afternoon students, Im Professor Ecerton. Im in charge of your group today. If youll follow me, youll be registered and assigned to your respective dorms. ”

The group of students followed after him as they left the station. There were people that seemed to be in a hurry all around them. There also seemed to be people staring at them.

George looked around at his surroundings. There was a bus waiting for the students at the side of the road.

”Everyone, line up and enter in an orderly fashion. Do not be hasty and enter in an orderly manner. ”

As George walked past him, he heard him muttering, ”Why did they have to give me the nobodies? ”

What does he mean by nobodies?, George thought to himself.

The bus had a luxurious interior with big seats with personal TVs in front of each seat.

George walked down the aisle in search of a seat. As George strode towards a empty seat, the people seated next to it said that it was already taken, so he should find a seat elsewhere.

”Sorry. ”

He tried again and again, only to meet the same result. Eventually, George had no choice but to find seat at the very back in an empty row. He could see people looking back at him and whispering and giggling. He felt like crying.

I want to go home. Why is everyone so mean?

”Is that everyone? Then, we
e off. ”

The bus left the station and started towards Freestone Academy. As George looked outside to see the city, he saw the tall buildings and the crowd of people.

Professor Ecerton called out to the students, ”Okay, listen up. I believe you all have gone over the basic information of Freestone Academy with your parents of guardians. But for the sake of formality, I will go over it again. ”

”As you all know, Freestone Academy is the greatest educational institution on the continent of Kalida and one of the best in the world of Deva. We boast one of the best curriculum that fully prepares our students for the outside world. We offer various specialized courses for the regular classes, as well as the rarer ones, like [Sun Lord] and [Gravity Controller]. ”

”This is a school for the elite and as such, we expect our students to behave in a manner befitting the leaders of the next generation. To cut it short, you must show proper etiquette in whatever you do. Fail to do so, and you will attract the attention of the disciplinarian. ”

The children all shuddered when they heard this. They had all heard stories about the horrible punishment one would go through when disciplined.

George looked around, surprised.

Why do they look scared?

”There are twelve grades in total. Grades 1-5 comprises the Primary Section, while Grades 6-12 comprises the Secondary Section, which can be further divided into the Junior Category and the Senior Category. The Junior Category is made up of Grades 6-8 and the Senior Category is made up of Grades 9-12.

”Each Grade is made up of 7 classes, from Class A all the way down to Class G. And furthermore, each Class consists of three sub-classes I to III. Your academic position is determined by what class you
e in. If you
e in the A class, then you have done well for yourself. If you
e in the G class, then theres almost no hope for you.

As he finished those words, the bus, started to slow down.

”It seems weve arrived. If you have any questions, you can ask the staff at the administrative office. ”

George looked outside through the window. They were approaching a big gate with the with the crest of Freestone Academy above it, a door covered in chains embedded in a rock.

Professor Ecerton walked up to the front of the bus.

”Now, without any further ado, welcome to Freestone Academy. ”

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