Emmitter Of Doom

Chapter 5: Family.

I wasn really happy with my tattoo but as I started my training with master Julius he made me realize many things I didn know about fighting, things that hed learned through his own experiences. For about two months weve been doing intensive physical and combat training.

During school days, I head for training right after school and return around 4am the next day and I also spent most of my weekends training and having mock battles with master Julius.

As usual I had arrived at the wooden cottage after school, master Julius was looking at a large oak with agrin on his face and his hand to his chin,

”This wiil be fine right? ”,he muttered.

” What will?, is anything the matter master? ”, I asked walking up from behind him.

”Ah Brian, you
e finally here,I wonder what I should teach you today Im not really in the mood for combat training ”,master said as he stroke his chin and gazed into the distance.

”Oh right I haven taught you that, Im sure youd be able to learn it ”

”And what exactly do you mean by hat? ”

”Its a technique that I developed something ago, its quite hard to grasp the concept and use the technique because it requires a lot of concentration and a really strong body,but you should be fine since your body is now prepared enough to handle it and your mental strength is also compatible ”.

”Lets get to it, Ill have this technique down by the end of this session ”.

”I like that spirit,but its not going to be that simple,now pay attention…when humans evolved as a result of the fusion with matox, we did not only evolve in our physique but also mentally but you already know that,the only thing we didn realize was that we could also exercise some command over our internal organs much like you
e able to move your arms and legs.

For a temporary time you can force your cells to overwork which allows you to push past your limits, naturally you
e gonna need more oxygen and pulze to power your cells.To make up for the lack of these two, I developed a way to breathe that allows you to absorb the pulze that has become part of the atmosphere and rake in extra oxygen in the process, its called pulze breathing.Now follow my lead Ill show you how its done ”.

” O-okay ”,I said adjusting myself into a better stance.

”…now close your eyes and inhale without stopping,focus your mind to your internal organs just like how you can feel your arms and legs, remember don stop inhaling ”.

”Puaaah, this is really difficult, master ”

” I never said it was easy and this is only the first step, now get back to it ”

I spent about an hour getting the hang of inhaling continuously but when I finally did I could feel everything that was happening within me, my thoughts were louder and clearer, I could feel my heart as it beat and I could even follow the course of my blood as it flowed through me, I had never felt so alive.

”looks like you finally got the hang of it, took you quite a while, i was starting to fear that maybe you couldn do it ”

” Don underestimate me master, Im talented with anything that comes to the mind ”.

”Really?,then lets see how you do in the next step ”, he said with a devilish grin. ”now that you can feel your internal organs, try to feel whats within them, your tissues and finally to your cells, try to feel the circuit that binds them ”.

”I feel it master!,the electric impulses within every cell, its amazing ”.

” W-well I didn think youd get it that easily but thats great, try to amplify those impulses and charge up your cells, you
e gonna need a strong brain to do this, you mess up and you can become paralyzed, overcharging your cells will significantly increase their energy and cause them to overwork ”.

” This is not…I have no idea how to do this,master ”.

”Its very difficult but once you
e able to do it, it becomes more natural, can you do it Brian!, otherwise you will remain weak forever and no amount of training will change that! ”.

” Like I said master, don underestimate me when it comes to things of the mind, my will is stronger than anything and I will have this down by the end of this session ”.

I said that but its been a week now and I still haven managed to amplify the charges within my cells.

”Theres my loser of a student, ready for training? ”.

” Not in the mood for your teasing master, Ill get straight to my training ”.

I started to inhale, naturally I had gotten the feel for my insides, but today I felt a jolt of energy from my brain, I turned my focus to my brain and realized that it was sending some powerful electric charges down my spine, ”whats this? ”, I muttered.

”Looks like you finally noticed, since you were finding it so hard to amplify the charges I decided to give you a hint by making you angry ”

” You mean you angered me in order to amplify the electrochemical charges in my brain,thats a nice hint I think I know what to do ”.

All I have to do is guide the electrochemical charges in my brain to my cells just like a circuit. I directed the charges down my spine and spread them all over my body, my cells begun to charge up and vibrate at highspeed l, I could feel power welling within me and when I opened my eyes it as if everything had slowed down.

”Those eyes, you looked enlightened, why don you try using your new strength?, lets have a spar with the Pulze-overdrive technique you just learned ”.

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