September 6th, on the Double Dungeon.

I Duncan Grimshaw, and some other Hunters, decided to participate in a raid that was given by the Hunters Association despite the odds.

At that time, the Association asks us the S Ranks that the Dungeon is still unidentified by the Associations Dungeon Radar and they tell us that the Dungeon is very new as they had never witnessed this kind of Dungeon before.

Because of that, I was then instructed by my guild leader, a fellow S-Rank to go into the said Dungeon as she told me that I must loot many items as I can in order to enrich the guild.

As I remember the task, I then exhale while seeing my other parties which I know all as A Ranks from my guilds rival guild which makes me curious if they come here.

” Do they come here to eliminate me? ” I wonder to myself as I walked into the Dungeon after them as they seemly take care of the incoming monsters.

” Goblins … incoming !!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

” Sixty of them !!!! ”

” No sweat, just kill them all … they
e just goblins anyway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” they say while I only use my weapon to help them if needed while I look at some of their guilds strong members that seem to be enrolled on this Raid too.

” said Cinder one of the Warblade Guilds top Pyromancer.

As he uses his skills, he simply burns all of the goblins in front of me with huge fire as I can also see him briefly looking at me, probably because he wants to show me how powerful he is since hes also an S-Rank.

”( Prideful Pyromancer ….. ) ” I say to myself as I tease the Pyromancers pride since I believe him to be such a fool to waste his Mana in the first Dungeon we entered.

”( You shouldve saved those Magic in the Second Dungeon, you Pyromaniac fool!!!) ” I curse him for being so wasteful with his Mana as it seems that he and the other Warblade members that follow their current Guild Master are also bashful like this as if they had no brain from the start.

”( No wonder they
e all idiots … ) ”

”( Just look at their Guild Master, the Warblade Guilds 4th Guildmaster, Ardun my old stupid annoying rival. ) ”

”( A person who is known to rely on his brute strength, not his brain solely. ) ” I curse them by teasing them for being very similar to their own guild master.

As those fools burned the First Dungeon with joy, our Party then came into the Second Dungeons door as they immediately opened it very hard, resulting in some of the sleeping monsters awakened thanks to their loud behavior which I can only slap my face for what they just caused.

”( Oh bummer … ) ”

”( Oh my goddamn rival, Ardun …. ) ”

”( What have you taught them? ) ” I say as I wonder what that brute red-hair berserker taught his Warblade guild members while I decided to help them a bit by defeating some of the monsters.

< Sonic Step >




[ result: 20 Monsters killed with incredible speed ]

As I increase my speed, I immediately defeated some of the Dangerous ones while the idiots decided to leave me as they dive into the Dungeon in order to get what they were coming at probably, while I decided to defeat some of the monsters of this area in order to secure my leave.

”( I need to kill these monsters since this is the only exit we have. ) ” I say to myself as I had a hunch that the way that we came from is the way for us to go out.

”( Time to speed things up. ) ” I say to myself as I immediately do my other Wind Based Magic Skill.

< Sound Sonic Strike >

With the ability, I immediately imbue myself with the Wind in order to increase my agility and speed as it helps me kill many monsters with my sword, even though this Magic Technique requires a lot of Mana that Ive absorbed from nature, this technique also gives a great result when it is used to defeat many opponents.

”( Its over …) ” I say to myself since Ive completely solved my exit problem and decided to follow the fools as I run straight into their location.

And at this moment, I see something very shocking.

” What … what are those monsters !!!!!! ” I shout when I see the black monsters coming out from the lake filled with Black Liquid Water as I also see the place filled with ornaments that made this place look like some sort of temple.

As I see it, I then realize that the reliefs on the walls come from the age before Ragnarok, the age where the Old Gods still rule. But not just that, I can also see another relief that is also known to be seen on any temple after Ragnarok which confuses me as I decided to take some pictures with my camera.

”( Thank goodness, I always bring my camera !!! ) ” I say to myself as I take shoots of some reliefs and hieroglyphs since I want to also show them to my Guildmaster for discoveries.

”( This is a rare sighting of history between the Age before Ragnarok and the Age after Ragnarok!!) ”

As I shoot it, Cinder the Prideful Pyromancer shoots me with his fire which I immediately blocked with my Wind as he stares at me, probably asking for help which angers me on how he asked it, but suddenly I can see that the Black Monsters noticed me and realizes that I am here in this place I immediately saw them rushing to me.

”( Dammit, Cinder !!!! ) ” I curse him in my mind while killing some of the incoming Black monsters as Cinder then decides to leave me while the monster comes in my direction while he approaches the rotten Black Tree in the center of this Dungeon.

” Goodbye, Duncan Grimshaw !!! ”

” I, the Warblades top Pyromancer, Cinder Ashforth will be the one who reclaims this Dungeons treasures !!!! ” he says while I killed the Black Monster in front of me while the Pyromancer then runs into the Black Lake as he uses his fire to launch him up into the sky.

As he jumps he then sees some sort of Altar in front of the Black Tree as he then comes down to get it.

As he does that, I then fell into shock since I saw the danger behind that idiot pyromancer and yet, seconds later, I saw him stabbed by the big black monster as it uses its hand to make a hole in that Pyromancers stomach.

” No … ” Cinder dies while Ill have to see the whole thing as I decided to jump as high as I can which makes the big Black monster sees me as more of it comes out from the Black lake.

” Dammit … ” I say to myself as I cursed this very situation.


Unbeknownst to Duncan, while he fights the Black Monsters. They
e actually some of the Warblade Guild members that survived as they decided to hide until all is over while they also seek the right moment.

” That S-Rank is sure to have his time, didn he? ” one of the survivors that hide says as they then watch Duncans battle very closely, waiting for an opportunity.


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